World Time Zones

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World Time Zone MapCheck your International World Time Zone using our Global Digital Clocks Calculator / Converter

World Guides has developed this free printable World Time Zones map / global list so that you can easily check the differences and current clocks from around the world. Below are multiple digital clocks showing international and United States (USA / US) regions, such as Central Standard (CST), Eastern Standard (EST), Mountain Standard (MST) and Pacific Standard (PST) time zones.

These multi standard time zones are calculated using simple formulas, offsetting the globally recognised Coordinated Universal Time. Many countries observe Daylight Saving (DST), which is also known as Summer Time and affects local hours, with clocks being temporarily advanced in late spring, ensuring afternoons stay lighter for longer, being reverted in early autumn so that early mornings enjoy more daylight.

Different regions of the planet are generally bounded by vertical lines of longitude, determining which standard time zone countries, cities and destinations fall within. These zones are legally endorsed and generally known as the local time.

In total, maps shows some 24 different main world time zones in existence, with each of these used as global calculators for their local time using Coordinated Universal Time, which is abbreviated as UTC. In essence this is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), created in 1675 to aid sailors.

World zones are generally described according to UTC, e.g. New York is within the Eastern Time Zone (EST) as UTC-5, observing Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) as UTC-4.

World Time Zones Map Calculator: Digital Clocks

Honolulu UTC-10
Anchorage UTC-9
Vancouver UTC-8
Denver UTC-7
Mexico City UTC-6
New York UTC-5
Trinidad and Tobago UTC-4
New Foundland:UTC-3:30
Rio de Janeiro UTC-2
London UTC / GMT
Paris UTC+1
Madrid UTC+1
Cairo UTC+2
Abu Dhabi UTC+4
Moscow UTC+4
Mumbai UTC+5:30
Novosibirsk UTC+7
Jakarta UTC+7
Shanghai UTC+8
Tokyo UTC+9
Adelaide UTC+10:30
Sydney UTC+11
Wellington UTC+13